High Island Birding Migration, Tyler Audubon Society

Birders Don’t Make a Trek to Mecca – They Go to High Island

 Few places can put a faraway look in the eyes of birders, like the mere mention of High Island and bird migration. Talk quickly turns to hopes of making the trek this year. For some, it is an annual event. For others, it is a treasured destination—almost a rite of...
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Can You Be a Birder Without a Degree in Accounting?

Just as I started to type the first sentence of this blog a pair of Wood Ducks flew past. As usual in the mornings, I am sitting outside by the lake and watching the birds and listening to all their songs. Bird calls are echoing from almost every direction excepting...
How to learn bird calls/songs

How to Learn Bird Calls & Songs – Taking the Mystery Out of Bird Calls

When the Merlin app first came out to assist birders in identifying the birds that were seen, it was really a big advancement. The ease of use was amazing, and its accuracy was at least fairly good. Of course, some of the users, especially those who were not very...
Found a baby bird

I Found a Baby Bird! What Should I Do?

HELP! I Found a Baby Bird! What Do I Do? Every Spring I start getting calls, texts, and posts in my Facebook groups from people who have found a baby bird. Almost all of them fall under the category of "OMG! What do I do?" For the most part, the answer is pretty...
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A Bald Eagle Sighting Warrants an Elbow in the Ribs

I'm in my normal morning spot sitting by the lake camera in hand, coffee cooling quickly on the table beside me. This is like so many mornings that I have sat here. Various species of birds keep flying past. The sun is rising and has lit the entire lake now. Off in...
East Texas Birding & Identification of East Texas Birds

What Kind of Birdseed Should I Use to Attract More Birds

One of the questions I am often asked is "What kind of birdseed should I use to attract birds?" I have feeders out year-round and never take them down. There are some types of seeds and food I always have out. I add other types depending upon the season to attract the...
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ID Guide To Birds

ID Guide to East Texas birds – Bird identification of East Texas Birds. Birders guide.

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Big Changes on the Website

Did you ever come home and find that everyone had moved? Well, luckily, neither have I but visitors to the East Texas Naturalists website may get that feeling. After working on that site for a few years, I have decided to change the focus a bit (as my own focus has...
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ID Guide to East Texas Birds

ID Guide to East Texas Birds to help with their identification is complete with lots of photos and in some cases, sounds. Great help to identify East Texas birds.

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Back to Work on This site – HELP!

It has been a tough year and not much was accomplished on this website. I am hoping to fix that very soon. Right now I have one volunteer and will be looking for others to help in different areas. I really would love to find some help in any of the other categories...