There are few activities growing faster in popularity than bird watching or birding as it is more frequently called by its followers.  One story on CBS said there are 48 million birders in America (U.S. and Canada).  In 2011, it was reported that birders in the U.S. spent an estimated $11 billion dollars on their birding trips and $15 billion dollars on their equipment. That would make bird watching the 2nd most popular hobby in the U.S.

We are blessed in east Texas to be in an excellent area for birds and bird watching.  The diversity of habitats as well as being in the path of many migrating species provides east Texas with a huge bird population and presents opportunities to observe a wide variety of species.  It is no wonder that there are so many people in east Texas who are birders. Nor is it surprising that so many birders come to our area to visit and enjoy the favorable conditions for birding in our area.

Information here is rather sparse at the moment but we add to it on a regular basis.  At the present time, most of the information on this website has focused on the more eastern part of east Texas.  That is because the current more active contributors live in the area of Lake O’ the Pines and Caddo Lake.  With time, more information will be included for areas throughout east Texas.  Contributors from other parts of East Texas would be welcomed to take part in this website.  Just contact us if you would like to contribute in any way: articles/blogs, photographs, talk forum or any other way.

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