We have several types of blogs or journals. On this page, we have all three of them as an easy way to get into them. They will appear in other places on this website.

I have a few dozen older blogs from the old East Texas Naturalists site that I will slowly bring over to this one. These are not from the newer site but rather the one from a few years ago. They will also soon appear in print. . . maybe. 

Also, do you blog about birding in East Texas or would you like to do so? If so, contact me.

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Be a Photographer, Not a Picture Taker

Be a Photographer, Not a Picture Taker

There are purists who only accept the images that come from their cameras as being acceptable. They believe any use of software or electronic filtering to make that image better is cheating. That is just silly and it is not what photography is all about. Instead, it...

Are Protective Filters Necessary?

Are Protective Filters Necessary?

While birding with friends last week, I was asked a question that I frequently hear? "Do I need to have a UV filter on my lens to protect it?" I am not sure that I really gave him a correct answer. It really isn't a yes or no question. Like so many other things,...

Wrapping Your Hands Around Spring

Wrapping Your Hands Around Spring

We had a big storm blow through the Lake O' the Pines area last night. For a while the winds were rather fierce accompanied by a drumming rain that brought a bit of hail and just a touch of thunder and lightening. It was "interesting" for a little while, but nothing...

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