Did you ever come home and find that everyone had moved? Well, luckily, neither have I but visitors to the East Texas Naturalists website may get that feeling. After working on that site for a few years, I have decided to change the focus a bit (as my own focus has changed) and instead of the all-encompassing broad attention on all of nature in East Texas, I am narrowing that to just birds. 

I have been moving suitable content over to East Texas Birding from East Texas Naturalists as well as from my nature photography website. Both will be featured here. This will allow me to be much more effective and able to concentrate on a more narrow range of information that reflects changes in my own interests and outside activities. 

Watch for more information, as well, as a few dozen older blogs posts from the original ETNs website. Not all of my blog posts are about birding but all are about nature and somewhat interrelated. That is not only true of the older posts but also of current ones, and ones that will come in the future. 

I do welcome anyone who would like to add to this site in the way of blog posts or to have a photo gallery. Both will need to be bird-centric but not limited to just that. Contact me if you are interested. Have fun.