It has been a tough year and not much was accomplished on this website. I am hoping to fix that very soon. Right now I have one volunteer and will be looking for others to help in different areas. I really would love to find some help in any of the other categories except for birds–mammals, plants, insects, recreational areas, etc. Come join the fun.

There is still so much to do with the site. I really need to try to find some help with it. It would be wonderful to find some other nature lovers who might wish to take over a section. Finding someone interesting in plants, trees, insects, reptiles & amphibians, mushrooms, kayaking, camping, hiking, and any other nature-related subjects, would be a big help.

The help could come in a variety of ways and would not require any kind of website management experience or anything like that. I need bloggers, photographers, writers, etc. There are so many ways someone could contribute.

Know anyone? Send them to me. 🙂