NETFONortheast Texas Field Ornithologists (NETFO) is an independent, non-profit organization formed in 1990 for the purpose of encouraging the observation, study, appreciation, and conservation of birds and to promote the discovery and dissemination of knowledge about birds, particularly in the Northeast Texas area.

We invite you to join us for meetings, field trips and other birding activities here in Northeast Texas.

Pileated Woodpecker East Texas Naturalists Birding Birders

Bird watching or birding as the practitioners refer to it is one of the most popular hobbies and activities in the U.S.  It would be difficult to find an activity that incorporates so many positive and rewarding activities.

If you enjoy birds and would like to learn more about them as well as be part of an organization that is dedicated to the appreciation and study of birds, you should come to one of our meetings.  You will find a fun group of people who love birds and everything about them.  No matter your level of knowledge about birds, you will fit in with our group.  We appreciate experienced birders as well as those who are just learning.  You will certainly be welcomed and hopefully will want to join us.

There are a variety of resources on our website including a checklist of local birds, monthly Bird Reports listing recent sightings in our area and much more information.

Our thanks to all the people who have volunteered to serve as officers, directors and in other capacities — for the year to come and in years past. We’re grateful to everyone who has spent their precious free time to help NETFO serve its members. If you’re among them, you’ve probably found out how rewarding it is to get involved. If you’re not among them yet, consider volunteering.