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This ID Guide to the East Texas Butterflies & Moths is a work in progress.  It is meant to primarily be a very basic photo ID list with little other information on the more commonly seen species. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all species ever seen in East Texas but rather the ones that are more commonly seen.  However, through time, we will be adding more and more species. There will be only one photo at first. Later, I plan on adding a gallery for each species with numerous photos. There will be a link to the gallery by the name of the species.

Click on the photos to see a larger version.

NOTE: Unless indicated otherwise, the photos were taken by members of this site.  We will get photos of the other species as soon as we can. It is an ongoing project. If you have pictures of any of the species which do not currently have pictures and would like to contribute to this list, please contact us.  We will consider other submissions and give you photo credit.

NOTICE: I realize the progress is slow but I am rather busy with projects and life. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO JUMP UP AND HELP WITH ANY PROJECT ON THIS SITE – CONTACT ME. 🙂 

VariegatedFritillary102018 2

Variegated Fritillary


FritillaryButterfly100516 6

Gulf Fritillary


Silver spottedSkipper080118 2

Silver-spotted Skipper


GiantSwallowtail081618 2 of 1

Giant Swallowtail


PipelineSwallowtail080118 1

Pipeline Swallowtail


PaintedLadyOnLantana110317 3

Painted Lady


NorthernCloudywingOnLantana080518 1

Northern Cloudywing


Monarch110418 2



FireySkipper080118 1

Firey Skipper


LongtailedSkipper102018 1

Longtailed Skipper


MournfulDuskywing110418 2

Mournful Duskywing


JuvenalsDuskywing081618 1 of 1

Juvenals Duskywing


LittleSulphurButterfly102018 1

Little Sulphur


CloudlessSulphurButterfly092020 1 of 1

Cloudless Sulphur


HairstreakButterfly092418 1 scaled

Hairstreak Butterfly


BuckeyeButterfly090917 3



SpottedBeetWebwormMothHymenia perspectalisOnFleabane092718 2

Spotted Beet Webworm Moth

GardenWebwormMoth100118 1

Garden Webworm Moth


HawkMoth092418 3 scaled

Hawk Moth